Apart Trailer

Film & Video
Liam Levaro – Sound Assist / Boom Operator

Apart is a final year short film from a group of NTU ADM students, it is a drama/sci-fi short film that explores themes of family, redemption and existence.


Haw Par Villa

Film & Video

Opened in 1937 and placed in the middle of the now bustling & futuristic city of Singapore this destination both frightens and fascinates locals and tourists alike, however, in a time of rapid urban development for the city where land is a precious commodity will Haw Par Villa withstand the test of time?

Haw Par Villa is a short documentary created by four students from NTU’s Art, Design, and Media school for our Documentary Film-making class, filmed around October of 2017.

It is the first piece of film any of us worked on, and it was shown at the Singapore Viddsee Juree out-of-competition Awards in 2018